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Come As You Are by Steven Ramirez

Come As You Are

by Steven Ramirez

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Watch Out—March Lunacy Book Deals!

[Books One and Two]Okay, I’ve heard that March is a time when people go mad. And I certainly don’t want to violate any trademarks, so we’ll leave it at that. On the other hand, there is also some lunacy going on—specifically around Books One and Two of THE DEAD SERIES. Wait, what?

That’s right. For the entire month of March you can pick up Tell Me When I’m Dead and Dead Is All You Get for 99 cents each! That’s three bucks off the regular price, people. And what you get is some of the scariest zombie goodness around. Don’t think so? Just check out the reviews.

So don’t wait. Zombie goodness … 99 cents … done.

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Tell Me When I’m Dead
Thanks to a beautiful, strong-willed woman named Holly, recovering alcoholic Dave Pulaski is getting his life back. Then a contagion decimates the town of Tres Marias, turning the victims into shrieking flesh-eaters. Now Dave, Holly and a group of armed soldiers and civilians must find a way to survive. But Dave is this close to drinking again. A woman he cheated with is after him—even though she’s no longer human. The hordes of undead are growing and security forces are outnumbered. Hell has arrived in Tres Marias.

Tell Me When I’m Dead is the story of an antihero who must come to terms with all of the mistakes he has ever made. Faced with the most terrifying situation imaginable, he must decide whether to die drunk or stay alive and fight for those he cares about most. And he must learn that strength alone is never enough—you also need Faith.

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Dead Is All You Get
After months of fighting the undead ravaging the town of Tres Marias, Dave Pulaski and his friends catch a break when Black Dragon Security suddenly shows up to rescue them. But things are about to get worse. The virus is mutating. Now, driven to discover the truth behind the contagion while struggling to protect his wife, Holly, and those closest to him, Dave is pushed beyond the limits of faith and reason.

Dead Is All You Get combines the best elements of horror, dark fantasy and sci-fi, taking the reader on a relentless, tortured journey of survival and revenge that tests the strength of a man’s character and delves into the role faith plays when one is confronted by the worst kind of evil—the evil in humans.
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