Short Fiction

Stories of Horror, Suspense and Magic—available exclusively in the Kindle Store.

What is the one thing—the only thing—you must remember when someone you love sleepwalks? Don’t wake them. Ever. John Walker knows this and has so far taken all the right precautions to protect his wife, Mary Kate. But sometimes no matter what you do, no matter how vigilant you are, things go wrong.

John is about to learn that evil is out there waiting for the right moment. And when it strikes, it hungers for more than Mary Kate. It wants their daughter, Lucy. But it’s not his fault—it’s not anyone’s fault.

Sometimes bad things just happen.

“This was so worth reading.” 5 Stars
“Gripped me from start to finish.” 5 Stars
“Good work, Steven Ramirez. I’ll be looking for more tales from you.” 5 Stars
“Great read! Very captivating and vivid imagery. Very well written, loved the details. I highly recommend for a quick entertaining reading material!” 5 Stars
“‘Walker’ is well-written with vibrant characters and natural dialogue. I was only sorry it ended so soon. I don’t want to give too much away since this is a short read, but suffice to say, supernatural shenanigans are afoot. I’m glad to say I’ve found another horror writer to follow.” 5 Stars
“This short story has all the powerful impact of a punch to the solar plexus-simply because, the ‘what if?’ becomes ‘it just may be.’ Read this terrifying short story and find out; and then I dare you, to fall asleep.” 5 Stars
“The ‘normalcy’ of the situation contrasts horrifically with the events that are to come.” 5 Stars

A Bone in the Throat
Mercer has made a good living conning the elderly out of their homes all over the country. Then one of his victims commits suicide. Now Mercer finds himself trapped in a house with a talented surgeon looking for revenge. How far would you go to right a wrong?

“Revenge maybe sweet but certainly not for the receiver in this story.” 5 Stars
“A terrific tale of revenge!” 5 Stars
“I thought the ‘punishment’ was very apt and the way the title related to the tale was genius. I loved this short story.” 5 Stars
“Don’t read this while you’re eating; but do read it! Next time you think about telling a little white lie, or cheating someone-think again. It could be you.” 5 Stars

Brown the Recluse
A strange, solitary old man’s worst fear comes true when he is bitten by a brown recluse spider. Soon he develops a taste for blood which becomes problematic for the neighbors.

“Being a Stephen King fan, love this story. Scary and wanting more.” 5 Stars

I’ve Been Better
A ruthless young advertising executive on the fast track meets someone who appears to share his selfish hopes and dreams. What he learns though is that he’s being driven down a dark dangerous road of retribution LA style.

“Why waste time with cardio? Read this to get your heart rate up.” 5 Stars
“A writer who is obviously at the top of his game.” 4 Stars

Nailed It
While on a flight, a writer tells a chilling story of quiet madness to someone who may be as disturbed as his main character.

“I’ll be sleeping with one eye open tonight.” 5 Stars

A Proper Revenge Takes Time
Believing he’s just killed someone in a bloody bar fight, a man flees to a lonely house where he discovers that revenge can come in the form of a deadly centuries-old curse.

“Exciting and well written! I would recommend this eight page horror to anyone who might enjoy a fast paced page-turner.” 5 Stars
“An ending that comes straight out of left field and hits you between the eyes.” 5 Stars

Regino Sings
A milksop who lives with his mother undergoes an operation to replace his cancerous mouth with a mechanical one. Soon he discovers that he has gained a dark new power. Cover your ears!

“The end is a rather unexpected twist so I won’t tell it here. 5 stars for this one.” 5 Stars

The Widow and Her Magician
In his zeal to rid the town of immoral behavior, an elderly priest accidentally gets an old magician sentenced to death. His guilt is allayed though when the sorcerer avoids execution by means of an elaborate trick. Or was it a miracle?