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Sarah Greene

Introducing Sarah Greene, the star of a new supernatural suspense series
from Steven Ramirez called Sarah Greene Mysteries.

Born Sarah Cruz, she is thirty-three and a graduate of UC Santa Barbara. She sells real estate
and flips houses with her ex-husband and business partner, Joe Greene, in Dos Santos, California.
She has her dad, Eddie; a sister, Rachel; and a niece, Katy. She also has a cat named Gary
and drives a fully restored 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL.


Sarah Greene Mysteries Book 1

The Girl in the Mirror Cover (BIBA S 3D)

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2019 Best Indie Book Award (BIBA) Winner—Paranormal Fiction

32nd Annual Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Winner—Horror Fiction

“Absorbing, well-paced, and suspenseful, The Girl in the Mirror is a pitch-perfect supernatural mystery with plenty of twists to keep readers guessing.” —IndieReader

“A well-paced paranormal mystery that delivers chills, laughs, and romance all in one go, and gives the reader a heroine to root for. Ramirez delivers highly readable prose that is both funny and unnerving when it intends to be.” —The BookLife Prize

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When you look in the mirror and see a different reflection, that’s a bad day.

While renovating an old house with her ex-husband, Sarah Greene finds a mirror that holds the spirit of a dead girl. As she learns more about the people who built Casa Abrigo—and about their demon-worshiping son—Sarah comes to believe the girl did not die a natural death, and she sets out to discover the truth. But prying into someone’s sketchy past can be risky, especially when it awakens dangerous dark forces.

Sarah Greene Mysteries Book 2

House of the Shrieking Woman Cover (3D M)

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“House of the Shrieking Woman is a solid psychological drama that steps away from the norm and carries a real small-town vibe. Claustrophobic and surreal, it spins from creepy to thoughtful with a stark and memorable narrative.” —IndieReader

“Pitting her nascent investigative skills against a sinister power that thrives in places of pain and suffering, the main character makes this quick thriller hard to put down. Ramirez is a master of building tension when the story most calls for it, making House of the Shrieking Woman a thrillingly dark slice of suspense.” —Self-Publishing Review

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Evil is as evil does.

Despite the trauma she suffered after uncovering the deadly secret behind a house’s dark, violent past, Sarah Greene agrees to investigate a series of disturbing incidents at a women’s shelter. These events began with the arrival of a young Guatemalan woman—a troubled victim of domestic abuse. The frightening episodes point to a demonic force. And Sarah suspects the entity is connected to a powerful evil infesting Dos Santos—an insidious presence known as The Darkness.

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