Book Review—Don’t Tell Teacher

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Don’t Tell Teacher Cover

There’s an unbreakable connection between mothers and their children, a special bond that compels them to protect their offspring at all costs. And when someone threatens the child, Mother provides a powerful response. For Lizzie Riley, the solution is to move her son, Tom, away from London to a sleepy suburb where the two of them can start over.

As in all good psychological thrillers, running away from something—in this case, an abusive husband—introduces an even worse situation. The private school Tom attends is oppressive, and the headmaster oddly secretive. And with each new, disturbing revelation, Lizzie begins to unravel. It seems the bad luck she’s experienced has followed her.

Others try to help. Kate, the social worker assigned to Tom, is young and hopeful. She and her supervisor have seen it all before. Violent husband. Injured wife. Terrified child. But, somehow, the case isn’t textbook. And that’s what drives the reader mad, asking—pleading, really—why? For all that is good and holy, WHY?

For those who enjoy the twists and turns of a disturbing tale told by an unhinged narrator, Don’t Tell Teacher is for you. For those with children, hug them. And thank you stars, it’s only a story.

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Book Description

School should have been the safest place…

For Lizzie Riley, switching her eight-year-old son Tom to the local academy school marks a fresh start, post-divorce. With its excellent reputation and outstanding results, Lizzie knows it’ll be a safe space away from home.

But there’s something strange happening at school. Parents are forbidden from entering the grounds and inside, there are bars across the classroom windows.

Why is Tom coming home exhausted, unable to remember anything about his day? What are the strange marks on his arm? And when Lizzie tries to question the other children, why do they seem afraid to talk?

Tom’s new school might seem picture-perfect. But sometimes appearances can be deceiving…

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